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About Landala Städservice


About us

Landala Städservice AB is a well-esablished family business with many satisfied clients that focuses on you and the environment. We do all types of cleaning in Gothenburg; in buildings, at offices and for private indivuduals.


These were the aspects that we at Landala Städservice AB adapted when we started our business in 2005, and which still are at the heart of our work. Landala Städservice AB provides a guarantee of quality. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, we will do the job again for free.


Our services


We provide the following services

Landala Städservice AB provides a number of cleaning services for private individuals and companies. We provide cleaning for most rooms and facilities.

Everything is done very carefully and effectively. We understand the special needs for different kinds of facilities, and that price and time are important factors in cleaning.

Big cleaning

Move in/Move out cleaning

Window cleaning

Floor care

Work cleaning

Staircase cleaning

Office cleaning

Store cleaning

Restaurant cleaning

Home cleaning of house and apartment

Business cleaning

Cleaning of school and kindergarten

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What’s included?


Home cleaning

There are three options regarding time:

1. We can schedule a time to come and look at your home and discuss price and what kind of help you want, this makes it easier for us to estimate the time required for the cleaning and to set a more exact price. Price offer and initial visit is free of charge!

2. You can hire a cleaning service for a certain number of hours (a fixed time).

3. We can come and do a sample cleaning to see how long it takes (this first visit is discounted).

All rooms

* Vacuum cleaning floor, carpets and upholstered/soft furniture
* Shaking small carpets (if possible)
* Floor mopping
* Wiping baseboards, doors, door frames, electrical outlets, window sills, free spaces and high spaces, such as on top of cupboards and closets
* Wiping mirrors
* Emptying trash cans
* Dusting furniture and lamps
* Wiping decorative items, shelves and paintings

Bathroom and toilet

* Wiping bathroom cabinets
* Wiping walls
* Cleaning the surface of appliances
* Cleaning bathtub or shower cabin
* Cleaning sink and taps
* Cleaning toilet seat
* Wiping mirrors
* Cleaning floor
* Cleaning tile


* Wiping appliances and ventilation
* Cleaning sink
* Cleaning under the sink/trash cabinet
* Wiping cabinet doors and tile
* Floor mopping, wiping baseboards
* Wiping window sills

If needed

* Cleaning oven, fridge and freezer
* Window cleaning

Move in/Move out cleaning

Our guarantee to you:

In the unlikely event that the cleaning was not accepted by a professional inspector or the new tenant, he/she can contact Landala Städservice AB directly to ask for a recleaning of the concerned points. This will not cost you any extra. The inspection has to be done before the next tenant moves in.

If you wish to get any additional service done that is not on the list, we will of course be happy to provide it.

All rooms

* Window cleaning (inside, outside and between glass)
* Wiping walls and sealing
* Cleaning closets and cupboards (inside and outside)
* Cleaning floor, baseboards.
* Cleaning radiators
* Cleaning doors, ventil light, light fixture and electrical outlets
* Cleaning doorsteps

Bathroom and toilet

* Cleaning washbasin (on top and underneath)
* Cleaning toilet seat
* Wiping bathroom cabinets
* Wiping pipes
* Cleaning bathtub
* Cleaning walls
* Cleaning floor drain
* Cleaning radiators
* Cleaning doors


* Cleaning oven
* Cleaning sink
* Cleaning tile
* Cleaning fridge and freezer
* Cleaning floor, walls and sealing
* Cleaning benchtops
* Cleaning cutting boards
* Cleaning boxes
* Cleaning behind oven

Frequently Asked Questions


What does your guarantee of quality cover?

The guarantee of quality means that in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the cleaning, you can contact us and we will fix the problem for free. Regarding move in/out cleaning, the inspector can contact us directly for any remarks and we will do the job again so that it will get accepted. This will not cost you any extra.

What if I’m not happy with the cleaning?

See ”What does your guarantee of quality cover?”

What are the new rules regarding tax deduction for house work?

Download Skatteverket’s brochure (in Swedish):

Skattereduktion för rot- och rutarbete

Who provides the cleaning supplies and equipment?

When we start with a new client, we make an inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment to check if everything we need is there. If not, you can either get it yourself or let us do it at a cost price. If you have any special preferences regarding detergent or equipment that you want us to use, just let us know.

What area do you cover?

We provide cleaning services in entire Västra Götaland and Halland.


We at Landala Städservice AB believe that the environment is a very important aspect of a company’s operations.
That’s why we do a lot to minimize our own impact on the environment.

A selection of our environmental efforts

We always choose the most environment-friendly of two products.

We use an environment-friendly energy-saving washing machine and an ecolabel energy-saving condenser dryer for all our business washing.

  We never overuse detergent; we always follow the dosage instructions.

We also minimize the use of strong detergents by using microfiber products that cleans effectively without chemicals. For spaces where using microfiber is not possible, on heavily soiled spots and such, we will choose the least irritating detergent for nature and human.

Microfiber cleans very well without chemicals and minimizes therefore the risks for allergies and other problems that conventional cleaning may cause. They are also very effective when it comes to removing dust, compared to other products. Dust is one of the most common causes of allergy and, unfortunately, dust allergy is getting more common. The microfiber is recommended by several allergy organizations and institutes because of its good qualities.

Contact Us


Landala Städservice AB

Postal Address:

Landala Städservice AB
Box 53062
400 14 Göteborg

Visiting Address:

Landala Städservice AB
Riksdalersgatan 2
414 81 Göteborg

031-43 31 30
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